Help UO student with her research

Dear readers,

One of our students is writing a proposal for a book about sexual assault on college campuses. The purpose of this process is to give her a template from which to work after she graduates from the UO. This is a project that she intends to pursue. She’s hoping to share the stories of fellow survivors of sexual assault and the broken nniversity system of response to said attacks. She wants to lend an understanding ear and give survivors the chance to share their story anonymously or not: it’s up to each individual. 

The purpose of this project is to give voices to survivors who haven’t had the opportunity to unite with a larger group of students to file an official complaint against their university. Or maybe, survivors who have had that opportunity could use this project to make their voices even louder. As we’ve seen from students at Yale, Cornell, and Berkeley, survivors are better heard when they are united. She hopes that her project and book ends up being a place for survivors to unite, making all of our voices better heard. 

In order to complete this project, she needs our help. If you are a survivor and interested in talking to her about the possibility of your story being included in her project, contact her at As you can understand, she’d prefer not to publicize her name on the internet.


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