UOPD and Men’s Basketball

Dear UO Coalition: One issue that I think desperately needs answered in the “Men’s Basketball Case” is how the UOPD seemed to “intercept” the case from the Eugene Police Department. I have stated for quite some time that I would not trust the UOPD to handle sexual assault cases, particularly if they involved UO athletes. Just on March 14th, I made a public comment on the UOMatters blog, “While there may be other procedures for “sexual harassment”…. In terms of this headline, which is, “How to report a sexual assault at UO”…..It isn’t complicated: Dial 9-1-1 as soon as you are able and report it to the *Eugene Police Department*.” My concern should be clear: Do not allow the UOPD become involved. Yet, somehow, a UOPD officer was in “field training” for the Eugene Police Department and handled the case. From the Daily Emerald: “UOPD officer John Loos first met with the survivor on March 14, nearly a week after the events took place. UOPD communications officer Kelly McIver says Loos was in field training at the time and reported to EPD instead of UOPD. It’s standard protocol for city police to handle cases that happen off campus.” I call bullshit on this. How did the UOPD intercept this case from the EPD? This is incredibly problematic and I hope you all stay on top of this. Here’s how to file a Clery Act complaint: http://clerycenter.org/how-file-campus-sexual-assault-victims%E2%80%99-bill-rights-clery-act-complaint Email the complaint to: Clery@ed.gov and/or Call: 1-800-433-3243 and/or for complaint assistance contact: (484) 580-8754 or by email at info@clerycenter.org


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