UO Message to Alums

This message was sent at 6:01 pm tonight to all UO alums.  It’s a very disappointing response to media coverage and does not do anything to alleviate the concerns we have about UO administrators’ priorities.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

KATU-TV aired a story series about the university and as an important friend of the UO we want you to have the most accurate information in case you get questions.

There are multiple errors in this story including inaccurate information about law enforcement activities, dates that should not be correlated to one another, and misrepresentation of the expertise of a retired UO faculty member.

The university took appropriate action when allegations were reported, and we are confident that our steps were necessary to ensure campus safety and integrity of criminal processes.

The story misrepresented the communication between the university and Eugene Police Department. EPD’s communications director Melinda McLaughlin told the reporter that EPD asked the university not to do anything that would compromise the investigation. The UO honored that request, and the police department was grateful.

The story hypothesizes that the university’s actions were driven by the NCAA-required Academic Progress Rate, or APR. This is inaccurate and that fact was conveyed to KATU. APR is calculated on a rolling four-year average with the latest data from a previous year, which makes transfers or scholarship non-renewals have significantly less impact than characterized by the story.

The story also tries to connect departures by former President Gottfredson, a chief human resources officer and general counsel as part of its timeline. The changes in leadership used in the news story are unrelated to one another and should not be connected in this manner.

Please visit the UO’s news website for facts regarding the university’s actions and thank you for your ongoing support of UO.

UO Public Affairs Communications


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