Our purpose

Concerned faculty, staff and graduate students at the University of Oregon have formed an independent coalition to help UO address problems of sexual violence on our campus. We are advocating for making the University of Oregon campus safe from sexual violence.  This will require a number of fundamental changes including creating a clear and transparent campus procedure for investigating sexual violence.  When investigations reveal crimes it will be necessary to provide meaningful responses to these crimes that actually make the campus safer for students.  Safety will also depend upon sufficient resources being allocated to meet the needs of students who have been victims of sexual crimes so that they may thrive and have equal access to education.  Safety will depend upon a concerted effort to make the rules, procedures, and practices at the University of Oregon work against sexual violence and toward safety, health, and justice.


The UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence is comprised of community members, faculty, Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTFs), and undergraduate students from a range of on- and off- campus organization.

Media Contacts

Please contact Carol Stabile or Jennifer Freyd here.


to raise awareness about sexual violence on our campus, and advocate for a safe and equitable educational experience.

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