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April 2014

Sally J. Laskey of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center says that “It’s time to talk and to listen.” (Center for Digital Storytelling)

Jimmy Carter declares violence against women “the worst human rights abuse on Earth.” (Raw Story)

Harvard gets lambasted for its terrible handling of sexual assault reports. (Huffington Post)

University of Michigan is getting a visit from Federal Investigators over Sexual Assault. (Detroit Free Press)

March 2014

February 2014

  • Student Sues Professor for sexual assaulted at Northwestern (The Daily Northwestern)
  • Serial Sex Offender at UConn (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Sexual Assault at “God’s Harvard” (New Republic)
  • University of Missouri does not pursue rape cases (ESPN)
  • Making Consent Cool (New York Times)
  • University of New Hampshire and bystander intervention (New York Times)

January 2014

  • Columbia University faces complaints (New York Times)

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to raise awareness about sexual violence on our campus, and advocate for a safe and equitable educational experience.

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