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We are grateful for the work of the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition. We have used their experience and adapted language from their website in creating UO-CESV’s survivor stories.


First, we want to thank survivors for clicking on this page – it takes a lot of courage to even think about writing about and sharing your experience with sexual assault, and we hope you know how much we value your voices.

Please be aware that these anonymous stories will appear in two distinct places:

1. the stories will appear on the UO-CESV website, along with other stories;

2. submissions will be cataloged and archived as open research data and made part of the institutional record in the appropriate institutional repository at the University of Oregon. We are doing this in order to make sure that these accounts become part of the institutional history.

We would like to point out that the UO Coalition deals with sexual assault specifically at the University of Oregon, so we ask that submissions be relevant to this specific issue. We certainly acknowledge that the issue of sexual assault extends far beyond our school, and we would also like our readers to know that our members care deeply about issues related to sexual assault (such as domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and other issues). However, the UO Coalition has chosen to specifically address sexual assault at UO in order to avoid spreading our efforts too thin – and potentially not achieving change as a result. We encourage survivors who want to share their stories, but whose stories would not be done justice in this space to contact us at so that we can help you find an outlet for sharing your story.

Lastly, we would like to inform survivors that we do reserve the right to edit your story (to remove language that could be harmful to other survivors, to redact names or other details that might reveal details that could identify people). Please keep in mind that survivors read each other’s stories. Please do your best to avoid using victim-blaming language and giving advice to other survivors. We created this page to give readers the opportunity to learn how prevalent of an issue sexual assault is for UO students, as well as to give survivors a place to share their stories without imposing judgment.


First, thank you for taking the time to be a friend, ally, or  witness to inequality – it takes a great deal of character to recognize, and challenge, inequality. Below, you will be able to submit an anonymous story about forms of sexual violence — assault or harassment — that you’ve encountered on campus.

We recognize that this is a national problem, but the coalition is only able to be effective by focusing on the University of Oregon. We ask that you only submit stories that pertain to the University of Oregon, its campuses, or its students, staff, and faculty.

We do reserve the right to edit your story in order to remove language that could be harmful to survivors. Please do your best to avoid using victim-blaming language and judgements.


to raise awareness about sexual violence on our campus, and advocate for a safe and equitable educational experience.

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