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Mary Koss: Dialogue about Sexual Assault on Campus – March 3

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University of Oregon Confessions Post

The below message was posted to “University of Oregon Confessions,” a Facebook page comprised of (mostly) anonymous postings. UO-CESV was founded because we know that sexual assault on college campuses is frequent, it’s massively under reported, and it’s devastating to survivors. We want clear and transparent procedures for survivors, services that can support and sustain survivors so that they can complete their education, sanctions that are effective in dealing with assailants who are likely to assault again, and measures that can help prevent others from being sexually assaulted at UO. What happened to these eight women, and hundreds of others, has to stop.

UO Confessions

UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence Meeting, Friday, 2/28, Lawrence 115, 1-2 pm


Are you interested in research and activism aimed at ending sexual violence on college campuses? Would you be interested in working on collaborative research projects and multimodal media projects related to the project of ending sexual violence on college campuses?

If you are, please come to this informational meeting of the UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence.  Please contact uocoalition@gmail.com if you need further information.