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Rape Danger Higher in Greek Life

From the Register-Guard – UO Study: Rape Danger Higher in Greek Life


Fraternities on UO Campus

The other day I was informed that one of the fraternities on campus (Sig Ep) was put on social probation because roofies had been found in their frat house. But I was also told keep this quiet because it’s not supposed to get around. While I think it’s good that Sig Ep is facing a punishment for this I also think that our students have the right to know about this incident so that they can keep that in mind when they are going to the frat house or making the decision whether or not to go to that frat house. I understand that this incident is not representative of every male in the Sig Ep fraternity and I’m not trying to say that people should stop going there completely. It’s also not my desire to cast a bad light on Greek Life. I’m just worried by the fact that this information is not being made public because our students who could be put at risk by something like this deserve to be able to make informed decisions for their safety and health. This incident takes on even more significance in light of recent events, and I am continuing to be disappointed in how the university is choosing to handle these types of occurrences. I’m starting to lose trust in my school and I don’t feel like my safety and the safety of my peers is being made a priority.

Bystander Story: 5/14/2014

Last night May 12th I worked at a Sorority/Fraternity event Anchor Splash. This was a charity event talent show that had the sororities and fraternities competing against one another. I have also worked similar events at OSU and have never seen anything as blatantly misogynistic as this event. this was my first event of this type at Oregon. I was deeply disturbed at the misogyny and homophobia expressed at this event. Most of the fraternities included members dressed up as women and held up to ridicule. I understand that some of this should be expected at an event of this kind but one frat went too far. They had a secession of “women” approach a man who then proceeded to reject them by pretending to strike each one until he found one acceptable. Violence- even pretend violence against women has no place in a University setting. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you which of the teams it was as I wasn’t keeping track of who was who. It is precisely this condoning of violence against women that contributes to the rape culture prevalent in society. They obviously felt comfortable expressing these views in public in spite of the events in the last couple of weeks. I found your website and decided to share my concerns.