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Madison Summit for Campus Climate and Sexual Misconduct

The Madison Summit for Campus Climate and Sexual Misconduct created a new scientific campus climate survey. Their press release discussing the Summit and the new survey is below:

Madison Summit Press Release


Update – Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support

To: UO Senate & Senate Executive Committee
From: Robert Kyr, University Senate President
RE: Senate Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support
I am writing in order to give you an update regarding the Senate’s Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support.
On May 14, 2014, the task force was formed through legislation, which directs it to “study the strengths and limitations of the university’s response to recent incidents of sexual violence, and based on those assessments, to initiate sustained, proactive changes aimed at ending sexual violence and supporting survivors of sexual violence.” The complete text of the legislation may be accessed through this link: Senate motion US13/14-52
As authorized by the legislation, I formed the task force, which elected its co-chairs—Carol Stabile and Randy Sullivan. The membership of the task force is as follows:
Elected Members of the University Senate
David Espinoza, Officer of Administration Senator; Assistant Director,
Testing Center
Jennifer Freyd, Statutory Faculty Senator; Professor (Pyschology)
Randy Sullivan, Co-Chair; Statutory Faculty Senator; Lecture Demonstrator
Members of Senate Constituencies
Ibrahim Gassama, James O. & Alfred T. Goodwin Senior Faculty Fellow;
Professor (Law)
Jocelyn Hollander, Associate Professor and Department Head (Sociology)
Andrew Lubash, Student Senator in the ASUO Senate; Undergraduate Student
(Political Science); Truman Scholar
Cheyney Ryan, UO Professor Emeritus (Philosophy and Law); Senior Research
            Fellow, Merton College, Oxford University
Nominees Recommended by UO-CESV
Amanda Marshall, United States Attorney for the District of Oregon
Carly Smith, Graduate Teaching Fellow and Gradute Student (Psychology)
Carol Stabile, Co-Chair; Professor (Journalism and Communication & Women’s
            and Gender Studies
Sarah Ray Rondot, Graduate Teaching Fellow (Women’s and Gender Studies);
Graduate Student (English)
Helena Schlegel, Undergraduate Student (Spanish)
Member of the University Administration
Sandy Weintraub, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards,
Dean of Students Office
Staff Members (Direct Services in Bias Education and Response to Sexual Violence for Students)
Renae DeSautel, Sexual Violence Response Coordinator; Dean of Students Office
Sheryl Eyster, Associate Dean of Students (Dean of Students Office)
Ex Officio, Non-Voting Members
Beatriz Gutierrez, ASUO President; Undergraduate Student (Ethnic Studies)
Robert Kyr, University Senate President; Philip H. Knight Professor of Music
Bruce MacAllister, UO Ombudsperson
The first two meetings of the task force were held on Wednesday, July 9 and Thursday, July 24, 2014. As specified by the legislation, all meetings of the task force are open. All materials related to its work—including a complete membership list, agendas and minutes—may be found on its webpage, which may be accessed here: Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support
In particular, I encourage you to read the draft goals of the task force, which are posted on its webpage, here: Draft Goals
Recently, President Gottfredson and I had a fruitful discussion about coordinating the efforts of the President’s Review Panel and the Senate’s Task Force. In order to accomplish our goals, we must all work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner that will result in meaningful and sustainable action. The Senate Task Force will share its initial findings and make some preliminary recommendations for action no later than the October 22nd Senate meeting. It will also propose a structure for a Senate Standing Committee and create a list of longer-term agenda items for the committee to address.
Our Senate Task Force plans to meet again during the week of August 2nd and the notice of meeting will be posted on the Task Force webpage as soon as it is scheduled. As I mentioned above, all meetings are open and you are always welcome to attend.
On behalf of the Senate, I would like to thank each member of the task force for his or her willingness to serve and to address matters that deeply concern all of us. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment.
All the best,
Robert Kyr
President, University Senate
Philip H. Knight Professor of Music

Racism, Media, Protest


The history of media coverage of sexual assault is steeped in racism. Members of the UO-CESV recognize the history of white supremacist uses of rape and are very concerned about how media attention to this case may be framing our protests and concerns in a way that plays into longstanding racist narratives. It is important to note that this case does not reflect the typical demographics of race and sexual assault and we need to be scrupulous in bringing all perpetrators to justice, regardless of their race, class, or sexual identity.

We are also very conscious of the fact that women of color have been raped with impunity by men of all races. The intersections of racism, sexism, and economic disadvantage have been used to silence their testimonies and deny them justice. Contemporary research illustrates the continued vulnerability of women of color as well as LGBTQ community members to sexual violence, and we need to be mindful of how power imbalances at all levels affect vulnerabilities to sexual violence.

The issue the UO Coalition has been focusing on for many months does not rest on a single sensational case, but rather on how this institution can stop betraying the entire UO community by its actions and inactions. In the days to come, we hope everyone will come together to demand that the UO demonstrate institutional courage and accountability in addressing issues of sexual violence that have long plagued our community. We encourage our community to focus on the big picture – the UO has a longstanding history of engaging in and facilitating oppressive acts at the expense of  marginalized groups such as people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community. While the current events are a part of this broader picture, they do not capture or represent the overall problem. We must demand better from our administrators so that all students have the freedom to pursue an education free of violence, discrimination, and hate.


UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence Meeting, Friday, 2/28, Lawrence 115, 1-2 pm


Are you interested in research and activism aimed at ending sexual violence on college campuses? Would you be interested in working on collaborative research projects and multimodal media projects related to the project of ending sexual violence on college campuses?

If you are, please come to this informational meeting of the UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence.  Please contact uocoalition@gmail.com if you need further information.

Federal Government Moves Quickly on Sexual Assault Prevention After Pressure

“We all have roles to play in preventing [sexual violence]. Through better education and awareness training for our young women. Through improved mentorship and socialization for our boys and young men. Through the empowerment of bystanders to recognize dangerous situations to speak up. Through improved survivor support services, and more victim-centered incident intake and justice response policies on our campuses.”

Valerie Jarrett- Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls

“We’re going to work with colleges and universities and educational institutions of all kinds across America to help them come up with better ways to prevent and respond to sexual assault on their campuses… and then we’re going to help them put those plans into practice.”

Barack Obama- President of the United States